The National Museum just got bigger.

Since 2008, I have not missed a year coming to the National Museum, it's been 10 straight years now - It's my annual routine. Some people ask why I do it, and my reply is simple - Why not? 

Foundations you can help without having time

many are willing to help but most people don't have the time to lend a hand on a regular basis. I'm among those who struggle and can't lend a hand regularly,

BICOLokoy 5/5 – God and Honor

I wanted to visit the first monument built for Jose Rizal, the country's national hero. Being the history geek in the family, I would not go home without seeing it.

BICOLokoy 4/5 – 4X4 Ride to Mordor

The bad weather didn't stop us from wanting to enjoy Bicol, and so even with heavy rain upon us, we decided it was the perfectly challenging time to do an ATV ride to the foot of Mt. Mayon. So it was me, my brother, sister and dad who were riding through that kind of heavy... Continue Reading →

BICOLokoy 3/5 – Irosin’s Secrets

The first time that I heard of Irosin was in a movie with Aga Muhlach and Claudine Barreto, remember that movie where Aga wouldn't eat anything with 'Gata' in it? Well I don't wanna spoil. 

BICOLokoy 2/5 – Mayon Volcano’s Curse

I woke up early in the morning to find Legaspi city drenched in torrential rains. What a bummer I told myself, but as I checked the forcast there's a little window of chance that I might see it. By the time we arrived, the volcano is shrouded in thick clouds, and I was sure that... Continue Reading →

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