10 Things I learned in 2017

The year is nearing its finish line and many things have changed, there were a lot of new faces, a lot of reconnections with friends I haven’t spent time with for a long time. And with it came a lot of realizations during this very strange phase in life. It was as if I hovered over the universe, unmoving, not knowing the direction to take.

But as they always say, no one is found unless they’re lost. And this year I rediscovered myself, no longer the childish mentality, here is a man who’s vulnerable, open to the world and is okay with it because it’s about time I show my raw side and not think of judgement from the public.

Here are some things I’ve learned in 2017.


“Your Race, Your Pace”


Tweeted by my good friend Andro, who responded to one of my drama episodes in Twitter on that day. And he was right! Who are we racing? Why are we racing? To whom are we racing for? We shouldn’t be racing with someone else but only ourselves?

Why? Because it’s our race! And the only person who can finish that race is you! Don’t worry about standards set about the position  and amount of salary you should be getting at 24 years old, or the level of education at 25, or being married at 26. That’s their race and their pace. Comparing yourself to their lives will only bring you frustration. I really believe that each and every one of us has our own timeline. Sure they may be rich now, but some people become CEO at 25 and lose everything at 40, while some become CEO at 40 and held the position for the next 40 years.

I remember one rule taught to me when I was a swimmer – Never look at your opponent while swimming, because you lose focus on your pace. So look straight, focus on your pace, and only you can finish your race.

The Truth and always the Truth

Into the Alley

There is no sense into hiding behind lies, it’ll only make situations worse. At the end of the day being a true friend doesn’t mean saying what they want to hear, but telling them what they need to realize. Truth hurts, but nonetheless it’s the truth.

You can’t hang on to people who already disposed you


You don’t matter anymore, you’re just a line from the previous page of their lives. They’ve already cut you loose, so what are you standing by for? There’s nothing for you anymore. People come and go, people won’t let you go if you really mean to them and some people won’t really have trouble erasing you. It is what it is, that’s not on you, but it’s neither on them also. Accept the fact that people drift. And if people are meant to be in your life, the universe will align to make it happen. It is what it is.

Give, Give, Give

I’ve always admired Overseas Filipino Workers, leaving the country so that their families can have a brighter future.

There are two kinds of people – The Givers and The Takers. I hope you work on being the giver. Takers are quite not the kind of people you want to be around.

Your Mental Health is Crucial to living life 


Mental Health awareness is still in infancy here in the Philippines, but believe me a lot of people suffer from depression and it’s not a pretty place to be in, believe me.

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is get up from bed. Mental Health affects your life more than you know it. Always try to look where the sunlight is. Never look down to the abyss, and don’t answer the call of the void. If you need someone to talk to, I am here with you, even if you’re a stranger, send me an e-mail talkwithme@bumpyofmanila.com 

Fill yourself first, and the let the overflow fill the world


It’s important to take care of yourself first before you take care of others, you can’t always run on fumes alone or you’ll end up empty. Let the overflow take care of others. It’s not bad to be selfish once in a while, as long as you don’t step on others.

Take care of someone, even if they’re not asking to. 


There is a Jewish Proverb that says “Whoever Saves a Life Saves the World”. Now imagine a world where everyone genuinely takes care of someone, wouldn’t it be the most wonderful time to live our lives?

Don’t be afraid of expressing your emotions

Toying around Kowloon Park

It’s emotion, it’s meant to be felt, don’t refuse to feel it because if you do, you’ll lose touch of yourself and become numb. If you’re sad then cry, if you feel singing in the shower then belt out! Who cares if you order that extra rice? If you think she’s beautiful then tell her. If you’ve love and cared for her for the longest time then tell her, or if you really can’t, make her feel. Be you, because there’s no perfect time to be you than what is happening in the now.

Always be kind, Always.

Sang “City of Stars” with these ladies I met at the bay

Need I say more?

You’re human, stop worrying about the elements of life that you can’t control


Don’t put everything on your shoulders, it’s not your fault you were late because some asshole on the street decided to cause a traffic jam. Things will fall into place but only if you accept the turning tides of life. You can’t always be right, you can’t always win, you can’t always be on the good side of life. It’s in the darkness where we truly know who we are and learn our true potential and how to harness it and use for good.


Listen to this and don’t worry too much. In time, everything will be alright!

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