The Other Top 10 Michael Jackson Songs

The King of Pop, who could argue that? The first African American to ever break into MTV, the humanitarian who gave hundreds of millions of dollars to charities around the world. The most popular entertainer and holds the record for selling records with "Thriller". But let's skip these popular songs, if you "Remember The Time" we all... Continue Reading →

First published E-book: Escolta

Hi Friends! I just released my first e-book titled "Escolta", just to tell you guys the background of Escolta. I was inspired to write this when I went to an art fair in Escolta, I thought what a beautiful setting Escolta would be for a story. It was the summer of 2014 when I started... Continue Reading →

Reel Feels

Movies fill the void that's missing in our lives, sometimes it makes us realize that all the questions we have in life lie within ourselves, but only if we reach deeper. And most of the time (at least for me) watching a movie is really helpful. So here are my top 10 "reel feels", don't... Continue Reading →

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