By John Philip Esguerra Perpek-to Sarap mong mahalin kahit di ka perpekto; Sarap mong alagaan kahit di ka perpekto; Sarap mong isipin kahit di ka perpekto; Sarap mong pahalagahan kahit di ka perpekto; Minsan hindi mo naman kailangan maging perpekto; Minsan kahit iniisip mo na di ka perpekto; May dadating at dadating na ipapadama sayo... Continue Reading →

A Love Letter to Mt. Pulag

By Tin Atienza I could never forget you, you're one of my favorite memories. The feeling you gave me when I saw you, the happiness when I have reached the top, the air, everything was so wonderful. It was perfect, and for that, I will love you and will go back to you again.

Sunday Special

Don't you just love Sundays? A day for rest, a day to be a bum, a day of ease. But most of the time in my case, I don't have enough tick-tocks on the clock to cycle through all my hobbies in 7 days. So Sunday is a very important day for me. I actually quit my first job... Continue Reading →

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