A Head Full of Dreams in Manila

It was the song "God Put a Smile Upon Your Face" that was playing in my tito's CD player when I was young that I asked who the band was, and from then on I was a fan. And ever since then I listened to Coldplay heavily, following their albums until they hit their most iconic song... Continue Reading →

Antique’s Hidden Speck of Beauty

7, 107 islands is so outdated, did you know that the count now as of 2017 is 7,641? There's an old saying that God so loved the Philippines when he created it that he created 7,106 more. I think God loves us even more that he gave an additional 534 islands for us to explore!... Continue Reading →

E-book: Ghost

New E-book! It was this past Holy Week when I thought about writing this. It's been my tradition always to visit Intramuros in Manila and walk around its ancient walls. And after a day of walking I woke up in the middle of the night and just started writing, and most of the time when... Continue Reading →

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