Remember that old saying when we were kids? We would shout "Time-perse!" but what we really meant was "Time pause!" which was a term to stop for a while, but we were kids then and we couldn't pronounce the words right. I had a "time-perse" moment this past weekend. My friends and I would usually... Continue Reading →

E-book: The Curtain Call

Hello! After I published Escolta and Intramuros during the months of September and October of 2016, I was drained and couldn't follow it up to finish the 3rd part. And I believe that if I forced myself to finish it for the sake of completing a trilogy, it will be futile, and it won't have... Continue Reading →

E-Book: Intramuros

Good Day! Intramuros is the sequel of "Escolta". When I wrote Escolta last year I had so much adrenaline going on that I wrote Intramuros immediately and finished it 3 days later. The story starts with Charles visiting the walls, remembering his encounter with Julia. I hope you guys enjoy this. You may download the... Continue Reading →

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