Being Koboi

"Koboi" is a term I learned from my local music hero Rico Blanco. Koboi is a tagalized word of "Cowboy" and in cultural terms, being a "Koboi" means being able to adapt to all environments, not finicky at situations. I'm a proud Koboi, I grew up in the middle of where the wealthy and poor... Continue Reading →

I hear Jerusalem bells ringing

This is Lourdes Church in Intramuros, it is no longer existing as it perished during World War II. What fascinates me is that I frequently see it in my dreams. In fact, I saw it in my dreams first before I saw it on the internet. My dream about this church would always start with... Continue Reading →

Off The Grid

It's been a while since I've read a book, it's been a while since I've seen the sky, felt the wind, and tasted life. Yes, I've been seeing the word in this 14-inch screen that emit a virtual report of the people I know who I haven't seen for years, some for already a decade.... Continue Reading →

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