Me and F. Sionil Jose

I stood still as I saw him in flesh, there he was with the young minds listening to every word he says. I stared in astonishment, I couldn't even move to go inside the already-packed room as te held the microphone speaking eye to eye with the guests while he sat at the long wooden... Continue Reading →


Words by Karen Claire Ferrao I knew from the start that you would leave me. That you would return home to them. That you would leave your lonely American life behind and start a new one where your life started. Still, part of me wished, hoped, fooled myself into thinking that you would stay for... Continue Reading →


I have a lot on my shoulders lately, and the past month has been heavy since the school term started. First is that I took too many subjects this term, hoping to catch up on the courses I missed last term. But as it turns out, I'm struggling to handle the extra subject I added.... Continue Reading →

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