Escolta’s got a pulse

There's no question that my heart is always in Manila, to some people it's this filthy city of decay with a bleak future. Some would go to the beach or climb a mountain to alleviate the stress from work and life, but not me, I just need to travel 12 Kilometers away, and once I... Continue Reading →

The Spoliarium Connection

The first time I laid my eyes upon Juan Luna's masterpiece was back in my grade school years when dad took me along with my siblings. As far as I can remember it was only a sidetrip because dad had some business in Manila that day and then he took us there late in the... Continue Reading →


As like a Night Owl that watches overnight, I find myself often sitting in my bed at midnight, my mind racing through the past and fearing for the future. My eyes tired, my body deprivated of rest, still I wonder why my mind won't shut. I tell myself to sleep, forcing my eyes shut, 1... Continue Reading →

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