Ayan, kaka-computer mo yan!

When I looked at my own reflection at the black screen of my laptop while the game was loading, my mind went through a fast trip to memory lane and recalled those days in the 1990s where I used to play the first computer games of my life. It was in my mom's old PC... Continue Reading →

Street Snaps: Hong Kong

I love to watch people go about their lives without me being involved, just watching in a distance sometimes reveals so much how a person's day has been going so far. I used to do it a lot on my solo trips in museums, and parks in Manila. I'd seat in a corner, camera in... Continue Reading →

Temple Street Night Market

The Temple Street Night Market was one of the places I wanted to visit in Hong Kong, and it was a few stations away from where we were staying. The first night we went there we didn't buy anything, we just checked out the place and as expected, it was teeming with night life. Imagine... Continue Reading →

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