A Head Full of Dreams in Manila

It was the song “God Put a Smile Upon Your Face” that was playing in my tito’s CD player when I was young that I asked who the band was, and from then on I was a fan. And ever since then I listened to Coldplay heavily, following their albums until they hit their most iconic song “Fix You”.

And even when Christ Martin decided to change his vocal style I was still there. Coldplay’s music plucks my heartstrings and my soul’s rhythm so much like there’s a calm-chaos going on with me.

When they finally announced that they were coming to Manila, I just had to go! I waited 12 years for this.


The night before the concert, me and my siblings checked-in at the nearby Hotel 101 because we were expecting the heavy traffic and we wanted to be early at the lines. I brought my laptop with me because I was still finishing my Ad Campaign final paper and my mind was split between the final paper and imagining what would happen at the concert.


The next day we got ready and went to the lines at around 2PM and there were already people lining up. Everyone was obviously excited for the concert, my heart was all love that day, everything is so beautiful.


Props to this lady in the photo, my good old friend and the only person in college I know who’s also addicted to Coldplay. Guys, give Shari an applause for she was at the lines as early as 7AM. Seven in the morning – The concert won’t even start till 9PM. Amazing.


At around 4:30PM the gates opened and it was kind of awesome that people were actually behave in securing spots for the concert. Yes people were running but it wasn’t the violent “nah fuck you, nah fuck you!” behavior as my boy Ozzyman Reviews would put it. (Check out Ozzyman Reviews on YouTube for funny reviews)

We managed to secure the front! I was so happy I didn’t care how I’d protect my spot, I didn’t care how dirty my pants would get as I sat on the floor.


At 8PM the front act started, it was Jess Kent. She’s relatively unknown in the country but she’s good! Listen to her spotify page, she could rap, get on the acoustic guitar, and everyone was in awe when she started playing those guitar riff on the electric guitar. I’m sure she’s going to get her big break really soon.


By 9PM the lights were bright, fireworks in the sky, people with their hands up, it was pandemonium! Indeed our heads were full of dreams. I sang all the songs and I think the people beside me were kind of pissed because I sang so loud, but who cares anyway? It was a concert. I didn’t take any photos at all, these are all borrowed from my brother’s phone.


I had a few tears when my favorite songs were played and it was alright, I was immersed into the intimate moment, my heart was up high and there was no stopping me from shedding a few tears.

And when the concert ended, the concert didn’t really sink in yet after a few days after it. A Head full of Dreams, indeed.

P.S. – The featured image in this blog came from ABS-CBN. Look for me. Did you see me? Look again. Cheers!















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