Antique’s Hidden Speck of Beauty

7, 107 islands is so outdated, did you know that the count now as of 2017 is 7,641? There’s an old saying that God so loved the Philippines when he created it that he created 7,106 more. I think God loves us even more that he gave an additional 534 islands for us to explore!

And just off Antique, there’s an island that people rarely go to. It’s not as popular the others today but I’ll say I’m lucky to have seen this pristine island before developers eventually destroy it – Let’s be honest, once a place becomes popular here in the Philippines, people want to build structures right away and I think that there should be a law that prohibits these major developments, look at Boracay now, once a paradise, now an E. Coli bacteria positive island.

Mararison Island, or Malalison to some, whichever you prefer, is an island off Antique, just off the port, a short 15-minute boat ride to transfer you to the island.


It was cloudy in Antique when we got there, cold breeze and a certain dampness envelops the place. Antique’s airport is beautiful, it’s right next to the beach and I saw some people jogging around and I thought what a beautiful view they have every morning, being so close to the water.


I think it was an hour or 2-hour ride at the most going to the port – Guys, you have to forgive me on this one as I can only remember the moments where I took photos because when I had this trip with my family, I was not healthy. I didn’t know that from the time we flew to Antique, I was already suffering from a disease, which forgive me again, but I cannot mention here, lawyers might sue me. (Lawyer part was a joke, but the disease was not.


We had breakfast at a local canteen near the port since it was still early, I don’t know but the food there didn’t agree with me, or maybe I was just sick at that time that everything tasted so bland.


After breakfast we headed off to a bumpy ride (because my life is a bumpy one), the waves were quite big and my siblings have motion sickness so I can only imagine the horror of that short ride to the island. Oddly enough, I don’t get dizzy when I’m in the water, but when I travel through a zig-zag road, there is a 90% chace that I’m going to throw up, just ask my friends.


When we hopped off the island, I noticed all the wave breakers and I immediately thought “woah, Omaha beach, D-Day, 1944” being the WW2 history addict that I am. It looked really nice and the island also had a lot of trees and vegetation, an indication that fresh water is available on the island.


I spent the afternoon at the beach with the locals there, it was a nice fishing community, children played in the sand and sometimes would go to the water which had me worried for a few times because the waves were big and the shore had a sudden drop where it’s just open water, but they were good swimmers, they were born in it.


One thing though was this island was so hot. I was perspiring like my pores were sprinklers. We were supposed to stay here for 2 nights but instead decided to stay for just 1 night, there’s no electricity, but there are generators but they’ll charge you according to how long you want to use it.  The island is best for those who really want to disconnect from technology.


We left early in the morning and it was serene and beautiful. The sun finally showed up and the beauty of the island bared itself. It had me thinking if we should give it another night, but it has already been decided that we move on and go to Boracay to spend the next 3 nights there.

But forgive me for I will not be blogging about Boracay because when we got there I was really sick and I was reduced to being in the bed 18 hours a day.


Mararison Island for me is an unfinished travel, I know it’s a beautiful place. And I’ll definitely come back here when I’m better. So until next time, Antique!




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