Ayan, kaka-computer mo yan!

When I looked at my own reflection at the black screen of my laptop while the game was loading, my mind went through a fast trip to memory lane and recalled those days in the 1990s where I used to play the first computer games of my life.

It was in my mom’s old PC –¬†an MS-DOS, it didn’t have any mouse, it was just a keyboard, which had a very heavy CPU with two wide slits on it to put the “Floppy Disk”. and the only sound it produced was in 16-bit. Everytime I had to play I had to ask for mom to type in the command to play “Test Drive”. Test Drive was really an awesome game during that time, those pixelated graphics felt real.


We had a number of consoles too, as far as I can remember we had 2 Family Computers because the first one broke, it was the endless blowing of cartridges that made playing in consoles unattractive to me. Until to this day, I’m a PC guy. And that’s why I won’t be talking long about consoles here.

By the late 90s the MS-DOS was replaced by the Windows operating system, ah, the classic Windows 98 (Skipping Windows 85 because I’m not sure if we had that one).

The first strategy game I played was Starcraft, it probably is the most recognized game out there, until now they play this classic game in South Korea.

I don’t really know why I’m blogging about gaming, but to tell you the truth I am the regular joe of gaming. I play to kill time and enjoy a small list of games out there. I am more to strategy games and today I’m really outdated to gaming.

What the hell, I think I just wasted all of your time reading this, hoping that it would amount to somewhere, but it won’t. So I’ll just leave ya’ll with a cute photo of mine. I’m sorry you had to read this and waste a couple of minutes of your life, you caught me in a very lazy day.







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