Bumpy Awards 2017

We all love annual awards don’t we? People watch the Oscars, the Grammy’s, and the International Pageants to see who’s the best of the best. Well here in Bumpy of Manila, we’re launching for the first time the Bumpy Awards!

Well what exactly is the Bumpy Awards? It’s consist of things I’ve done over the year that I really liked. Random things, books, songs, movies that stayed with me throughout the year, certain habits that’s new and old. Anything under the Sun really. This pretty much gives a look of what my 2017 was like.

So here are the winners of the 2017 Bumpy Awards

Jowawers of the Year: JELENA

Photo: CTTO

Why them? For all the things that happened in between them, the final verdict is simply that The Heart Wants What It Wants!

Kapihan ng Taon: Starbucks Portico


It’s where I wrote most of my short stories, especially the new ones. It became my Sunday morning routine. I’d sometimes be the first customer in and stay there the rest of the day just writing. I just hope this branch becomes 24/7.

Stress Food of the Year: Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut All-American NCAA Cross Country Event Highlights 2016 - Day 1
Photo: CTTO

Thank the cheese Gods for Pizza Hut’s promos! A family sized pizza worth $4 is a midnight savior for some stress eating.

Noodles of the Year: Caution, Hot!

Photo: CTTO

While Binondo will always hold the top spot in my heart, these noodles from Caution, Hot! are the kings of spicy noodles, that spicy noodles that you can actually enjoy, the spice that still has that flavor, not just straight up hot. It’s also not expensive given the serving amount, totally worth every peso.

Ayaw ko parin Kainin Award: Sopas

Photo: CTTO

No matter how it’s cooked, it’s still the most unsatisfying food for me. Nuff said.

Bagong Paborito Award: Pusa

Photo: CTTO

The school I’m attending to had a big influence to why I like Cats now, they roll like they own the campus. But in reality, they do, they do rule the campus.

Game of the Year: DOTA 2

Photo: CTTO

The last time I played DOTA was a decade ago before trying it again last September. And it’s really been a big help for me as a stress reliever and I get to watch some international games which is actually fun and exciting.

Carbonated Drink of the Year: 7up

Photo: CTTO

Because I can actually taste its lime flavor.

Ulam sa Bahay Award: Bangus Steak

Photo: CTTO

I really get excited when I smell the onion and soy sauce being cooked because I know dinner is going to be great!

Allergic na ako dito Award: Mussels and Crustaceans

Photo: CTTO

I really love seafood, but this year I developed an allergy to it and it’s really frustrating because I love shrimp!

KDrama of the Year: Goblin

Photo: CTTO

I’m not a Korean fanatic, in short Hindi ako kinain ng sistema but Goblin was the first Korean Drama series that I’ve watched because Super told me that I should give it a try and so I did. I was so amazed at the quality and good story-telling of the series. I still believe and hope that someday the Philippines will be able to produce quality series shows like this.

Season Series of the Year: Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot - Season 3
Photo: CTTO

Hacking? Technology? Mindfucking conspiracies? Mr. Robot has it, and somehow Mr. Robot does open its viewers eyes on the reality of the manipulation of consumer behavior and power struggles to monopolize industries. This is a good wake-up call series.

Misadventure of the Year: Pico de Loro Incident


During our quick getaway to Pico de Loro, I thought it would be nice to freefall on a very comfy bed, but when I did, the bed’s frame split in half. I had to pay for that. it was both a scary and funny incident. No more jumping into beds for me.

Di ko Matapos na Libro Award: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Photo: CTTO

Not that I don’t like it, but it’s a matter of me dedicating time for it. And that’s a goal for 2018 – More reading time!

Pet Peeve of the Year: Mga Maingay sa Sinehan

Photo: CTTO

Okay, we get it, you love the cast, but don’t lose it while inside the cinema because some people actually want to watch the movie and understand the scenes.

Kantang paulit-ulit ng Taon: FallingForYou – The 1975

I’m so in love with this song that it was on loop during my trip to Hong Kong.

Kanta ng Taon: Umaapaw – Ang Bandang Shirley

This song lets you remember how you feel when you’re in love and it’s really such a sweet and expressive song. Love it.

Banda ng Taon: Autotelic

Totally love Autotelic’s style and lyrics, I often find myself listening to one of their songs every morning, especially this one.

Kapamilya of the Year: Matias Family


Thanks for always adopting me, I know you’re looking out for me everytime you sense that I’m feeling blue. There’s a lot of lunch and dinners that you took me to and I think I’m more spoiled that your biological children. Thanks, and to more free meals, yay! 😀

Despedida ng Taon: Maro Banez

Me the morning after, I actually passed out and woke up on their rooftop

I never thought I’d experience a total blackout that I won’t remember anything, but I did. And ever since this day, I vowed to really control my alcohol. And now I’m sober. Never again shall I be drunk.

Muni-Muni Spot of the Year: Walls of Intramuros


If these walls could talk, a lot of secrets will be exposed, and this year I’ve been here quite a lot of times to do some thinking, to talk about what does life hold for us humans.

Balikbayan ng Taon: Enzo Vier


Kasi ikaw yung pinaghahandaan ng barkada tuwing summer. Nagiipon ako para sa gala pag bakasyon. Ikaw ang summer fling ng barkada. Ingat lagi sa Canada!

Movie of the Year: Dunkirk

Photo: CTTO

Christopher Nolan kept me off the edge of my sit in the Cinema, and I chose to watch this alone because I knew it would be epic. And it was.

Massage Parlor of the Year: Nuat Thai Pioneer Branch

Photo: CTTO

I have a confession: I’m a massage addict, and Nuat Thai’s Pioneer Branch has a great, polite staff. Parking may sometimes be a problem but their service is consistently good. I can have easy reservations. And for the first time I have a permanent therapist who’s really good.

Ang Sarap Pala Nito Award: Jolly Butter Popcorn

Photo: CTTO

I’m not a fun of butter, but when I tried this one, jeez I lost my hate for butter! It’s so tasty and addictive. I’m having one right now to be honest.

Pota Ano Toh?! Award: Tiny Tea Pot’s Brewed Coffee

Photo: CTTO

That’s the worst brewed coffee I’ve tasted, and the staff ain’t friendly, too.

Iniwan sa Ere Award: John Lloyd Cruz

Photo: CTTO

Ya’ll really treated JLC bad this year, everyone abandoned ship when the controversy surfaced, everybody judged a drunk JLC. More importatly, everybody expected too much from John Lloyd Cruz. He’s not Popoy, he’s John Lloyd Cruz and he’s allowed to be human. One More Chance naman diyan madlang people!

Bakit ko ba ito Binili Award: Bike


Cute eh, special project for 2018 nga kasi. Dami akong plano diyan.


Isama Mo Ko Sa Awards Award: Clara


But seriously you were the new friend awardee in 2016 but I wasn’t blogging yet so here’s a shoutout!

Nagpresenta na siya ang nanalo bilang Kupal of the Year Award: Myvanwy


Frenemies tayo, i-maintain natin ang hidwaan, ganern.

Welcome Back to Facebook Award: Mari


Namiss ka namin ni Mark Zuckerberg, ano ba. Welcome back!

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Bumpy Awards, we hope you’d all defend your awards, and for challengers, let them come! 😀

Truth is that I probably wasted 15 minutes of your life that you’ll never get back hahaha!


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