Bumpy’s Top Moments of 2017

2016 sucked, and I guess people I know would agree, some friends would too. 2016 was a damn cursed year for the majority of the world, I try to recall what happened around the world during 2016 and this is what I came up with:

  1. US Election and Trump
  2. Global Warming record highs
  3. Zika Outbreak
  4. War-torn countries of Syria, Middle-East, and Africa
  5. ISIS and Terrorism
  6. Celebrity/Musician Deaths: Prince, David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Muhammad Ali
  7. Toblerone changing its design

And I haven’t even said the local things that made 2016 a complete shit year, honestly I was busy trying to save myself from falling deeper to the call of the void after what 2016 had for me. Losing a relationship and then getting fired from your job a few weeks later isn’t exactly a good combination, especially when it was only the first quarter of 2016.

What happened during the next few months nearly cost me my life, not blaming and pointing fingers here!

So what happened was:

Breakup + Fired at Job = Bum

Bum —> Drunk Every night —> Drunkard —> Heart Problem  —> Holidays at the Hospital

Stupid, but it needed to happen. I found myself at the bedrock once again, but that needed to happen, because down there I found myself alone, and in that deep hole you’re on your own – and no one is going to save you, no one will pity you, you’re in the dark, and it’s only you who can get yourself out of that hole.

This is a drunk photo of me and some strangers I met at the club and we decided to go bar hopping. I’m with a Filipina, a Danish Man, and a Thai Woman.

I’ve been in a lot of bedrocks in my life and I learned that being in a bedrock is better that never being into one, because it’s there where I built my foundations in each aspect of my life, so that it may never crumble again.

2016 may be a shit year, but it’s a year of lessons that made me re-center my focus, gain my identity back, get the ‘old Bumpy’ once again. I think the only good things that happened in 2016 were leaving my old blog to start Bumpy of Manila and writing 2 short stories. But still, fuck 2016.

I was really lost in 2016, until I watched Swiss Army Man.

2017 gave a brand new start to me, like a systems reboot. Everything was new, even a new lease in life. I also reconnected with a lot of friends I haven’t seen in years, there were also a lot of food and side trips that happened. This year was more of me rolling in a much, much slower pace in life, while I did some things for the first time, I took it slow. Slow, but always moving forward.

Do you ever feel so alone every once in a while?

However there were still episodes where I felt empty and the hardest thing to do was getting out of bed, literally. There were times where my passion was on fire and I’d write for 2 days straight without sleep and then the next minute I feel empty again and have no interest in life. Sometimes I’d just sleep and be a bum for 15 straight days, staring at the ceiling, thinking of life decisions I made when I was 12 years old, or why did I ever asked my teacher for a date when I was in Grade 4, things like that. And sometimes I am full of life,  and then the next minute I dread breathing.

If you think you know what I’m going through right now, let me tell you myself – Yes. Yes, I have that, I am going through it. I learned that we must always move forward, no matter what.

Words to live by. When you see no light, reach into the core of your soul and create it!

And since 2017 was the start of my recovery, things are quite okay. I’d give 2017 a 7.5 out of 10 star rating. It’s still a great year for me, except for some episodes.

And to finally bring back this old Bumpy Journey of Life tradition (Which was last done in 2012, I stopped blogging from 2013 to 2016)

Here are the 2017 Top Moments of the year!

Launching Bumpy of Manila Blog 

Facebook Cover Photo

Leaving Blogspot after 8 years and starting a new one with WordPress was not an easy decision, I had to start from scratch, zero readers and a whole new concept of just being a personal blog. So far it’s been good and blog readers are finding me. The goal next year is to be more consistent with writing and more entries for my “Kalayaan” section.

Writing Short Stories 


This year I’ve conceptualized at least 5 short stories, but only written 2. But I’m really happy how I wrote “Ghost” and “The Curtain Call”. I don’t know when my novel will be finished, but I’ve been writing it for 7 years now.

Coldplay in Manila 


I was so happy that I got to watch 1 out of 3 of my dream concerts. The first 2 were Michael Jackson and The Beatles, but I was born in the wrong era and that’s not possible anymore, but at least I got one of them!

Visits to the National Museum (3 times in 2017)


I’ll never get tired of the National Museum as there’s always something new to see, the goal is to go back when renovation is done on the 2nd building, where the national artifacts and the history of the Filipino are being housed.

Binondo Food Trips (More than 5 times this year!)


Always satisfied with my visits to the oldest Chinatown in the world. The food is always great. Yes, the food is an instant rejuvenation meal for me. Binondo is truly my Soul food go-to district forever.

Quick Getaways


Quick getaways involved either in a small house hidden in Quezon province, or the beach. These little getaways sustained me for the year. I need a lot of these escapes next year.

Hong Kong with Friends


Who would ever thought that this trip was made during a night drinking with friends and then realizing we all booked a flight the morning after. Hong Kong was fun, and a lot of walking. I averaged 25,000 steps while I was there!

Going to Graduate School

19657061_1364231440340307_6664293937784515435_nI’ve always planned on pursuing a graduate degree but didn’t really have the time. But the 2016 chaos really opened up slots in my schedule and this is currently the main focus, where I put almost all my attention to.

Friends and Family 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I couldn’t have done it without you all, so thank you. I may not say things verbally but you all mean so much to me.

Getting Sober from Alcohol


I literally was drunk every single night for 3 straight months from April, then I was still heavily drinking the rest of 2016, that’s why I spent my holidays at the hospital. That really taught me a lot, it was stupid, but it needed to happen for me to get the point. Now I’m clean and I rarely drink now. And I have a 3-bottle limit now and I didn’t went over it. No plans of spending nights in the hospital because of alcoholism anymore.

Another Lease in Life


I have a better perspective of life now than ever, and I’ve learned not to sweat the small stuff, not to be easily angered, always being kind and understanding. I try to really stay away from the stressful things in life because it’ll do nothing but realy just stress you out so why not just stay away from the toxic things. And I’ve also accepted that I’m just a human being and I shouldn’t be hard on myself, that some things are not my fault and I can’t control everything around me, that it’s nature and the revolving of the world that’s happening with me and not my life decisions.

And now as we turn a new leaf for the new year, aren’t you excited for it? To some it’ll be the year where they’ll travel, for some it’ll be the year of redemption. I wonder what 2018 has to offer to my life’s Bumpy Journey, but whatever it is – Bring it!

And to close off 2017 I just want to say one thing to all of you who struggled this year.

If you got through 2017, job well done! And if you think you didn’t do anything but survive the year, that’s enough! Because sometimes surviving is all you can do, and that’s enough. Now you have the new year to fight again. God be with us all.

And now 2017 is about to be over, the new year is here, we can all start all over again, a new page, a new sunrise awakens for us, we are in reset, in reboot, we are reborn.

I’ll leave you with this song, so put on your headset, close your eyes,

press play, and welcome the new day!

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