Last Christmas, I gave you ‘Meow’ Heart!

Cats became my new favorite beings, and a big influence in this is because of the school I'm attenting to. The campus is a mecca for cats needing some loving!

Revisiting the Lenses

The past days of holidays - all because of the ASEAN summit held in the country opened an opportunity of a declogged Manila city, which meant that it's my chance for a smooth-driving inside the capital. The initial plan was just to go to Binondo and eat at my favorite noodle restaurant, but one cousin... Continue Reading →

Street Snaps: Hong Kong

I love to watch people go about their lives without me being involved, just watching in a distance sometimes reveals so much how a person's day has been going so far. I used to do it a lot on my solo trips in museums, and parks in Manila. I'd seat in a corner, camera in... Continue Reading →

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