The Ink Speaks

This past semester, I had a research class where our group's topic is about the motivational factors of individuals in getting a tattoo. It was a very difficult and sensitive topic and I got a bit of flak online when we did the research. But now that the semester has ended, I have time to... Continue Reading →


Words by Karen Claire Ferrao I knew from the start that you would leave me. That you would return home to them. That you would leave your lonely American life behind and start a new one where your life started. Still, part of me wished, hoped, fooled myself into thinking that you would stay for... Continue Reading →


Lulan Words by Philip Esguerra Isa, dalawa, tatlo Lulan ng eroplano, Titingala ako, Hihiling ng kaligtasan mo Lulan ng eroplano, Titingala ako, Pagmamasdan lumipad ang mga ngiti ko. Ingat. Hanggang sa muling pagkikita, mahal ko.

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