Cold Turkey

My eyes are wide open and I couldn’t sleep, this is what Cold Turkey has got me. For the first time ever I’m openly talking about this because I want to end this once for all.

Smoking. Yes, I started puffing nicotine when I was in 4th year high school. But I went regular when I was in college. My class starts at 7AM when I was a frosh and I would buy a cigarrette below the Central Terminal of the LRT in Manila. That stick would be my breakfast. Throughout the day I would consume 10 sticks and it would rise when exam week comes – 2 packs a day on its peak.

Then as the years go by my smoking went on a natural decline. 2 packs became 1, a pack into half. And until most recently I’m at five sticks a day. But 2016’s death scare really made me realize that I am no longer young, and that my body needs to start healing from all these external destroyers of my once healthy body.

I’ve tried to quit smoking twice and it both failed after suffering from massive nicotine withdrawal. But this time I’m mentally ready for the biggest challenge. I conquered alcoholism in 2017 and stayed sober since the day I spent the new year holidays at the hospital.

As of today I haven’t felt any strong urges to smoke, maybe because now I’m really ready to stop it and I’m mentally strong to stay off it. My body also knows it must stop now or I’ll forever regret it. I’ve been off for a week now and all I can say is that my breathing has been clear and I’ve not felt any shortness of breath. I have been coughing a lot but I looked it up and it’s actually a sign that my lungs are healing up, removing nicotine from the body.

Not only that, I noticed that my vocal chords have become better and I’m able to reach higher notes again, I think I’ll start recording some of my written songs after a few months, when my vocals are way better.

I’ll update you guys soon about this year’s battle with cigarrettes, help me conquer it!


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