E-book: The Curtain Call


After I published Escolta and Intramuros during the months of September and October of 2016, I was drained and couldn’t follow it up to finish the 3rd part. And I believe that if I forced myself to finish it for the sake of completing a trilogy, it will be futile, and it won’t have the passion.

So I took a break and just let life go on and on, until 5 months later, while I was browsing for old Manila photos – Yes, that’s one of my hobbies where I search the depths of the world for old Manila photos, glued in front of my laptop and just stay there for long hours (meaning 8 to 12 hours straight) just looking at how beautiful old Manila was.

Then I saw old photos of the once grand Metropolitan Theater, how majestic the building was, I imagined what was it like watching there. And then poof! I was inspired. And after doing a bit of research, a  story was born.

The Curtain Call takes place in the pre-WW2 Manila where a Soldier meets an aspiring actress. But fate will hinder them from one another.

I wrote this for Manila, the old, grandeur of the city and how I wish I was born in this era, for I do not see a bright future where old historical landmarks in Manila will ever rise again. The Philippines needs a cultural revolution.

I hope you like this, enjoy.

Download the short story here for free: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/708565

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