I hear Jerusalem bells ringing

This is Lourdes Church in Intramuros, it is no longer existing as it perished during World War II. What fascinates me is that I frequently see it in my dreams. In fact, I saw it in my dreams first before I saw it on the internet.

My dream about this church would always start with me walking toward its dilapidated holy structure. The grass was tall, about four feet and the church was the only structure I could see. The weather was like a September afternoon, when the sun is setting, a cold breeze would blow past me as I walked toward it.

But in so many dreams that I see it, I could never reach it. So I did a bit of research about this church and it surprised me about the connections in my life.

The first connection is that I studied in a school called Lourdes too for my primary and secondary education.

The second one is that it was built by the Order of Friars Minor Capuchins, offshoots of the Franciscan Order. My high school is being run by OFM Capuchins!

The third connection is that I also studied with the walls of Intramuros where the church was located.

But what strikes me the most is me seeing it first in perfect detail before I ever saw it on the internet. As my friends know, I am a sucker for historical Manila photos and I search the depths of the internet to find old Manila photos, and it gave me chills when I saw this one because the photo about catches the haunting feeling I get when I dream about it.

They say dreams foretell something in your life, but what is it for me? I have no idea. Obviously the church is long gone and another structure is built in its location. I get curious everytime, like it’s a kind of prophecy that needs to be fulfilled.

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