It’s always the root!

I know, not another National Museum post again. But yes, it’s another appreciation blog for my favorite museum, but this one’s a different story.

A few months ago my aunt from the states came back to visit and it’s always nice to have relatives from overseas to visit a few weeks, coming back to their roots. And so to fill her days, I think it was me who suggested to go to the National Museum since admission is already for free! – Which means that I hope the young ones visit it one weekend to learn about the country’s history, our history as Filipinos.

And of course I’m more than proud now to invite friends and families now that the museum is alive, compared to 2008 when it was like a ghost building with nothing displayed on the walls.

Photos more than a decade apart

The National Museum has really made great changes over the years, I understand that it may also be political why they had so much little budget before. But you have to understand, our culture is our future. Our roots define us as a people, and we are not a country today, because we don’t know our history, which is our identity.


Today the National Museum is packed with new art and artifacts, beautiful lighting and cold air-conditioning. And so we went there with the family, my aunt and her kid and stroll around the galleries, I knew my aunt would like it there because of all her siblings, including my mom, she’s the artist that emerged from the seven.



My aunt got excited when she saw the new collection of Bangsamoro Art, the top floor was dedicated to all these new collection. And there was also an exhibition of weaving which my aunt quickly told me that she wanted to try it, and so there I was lining up to be the next in line.

It’s nice to see that there are a lot of people visiting the museums compared to before, I think it’s really a necessity that one must visit the National Museums at least once and really submerged himself to the roots of the country, because only in the roots can we nurture ourselves as Filipinos.






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