Jazz Night in Hong Kong

After a tiring afternoon wandering around the city, we went straight looking for good food and found one on the sidestreets. It was the first time in my life that I think I actually walked the whole day and tallied 25,000 steps, it was a groundbreaking personal record for me. I didn’t think that I would be able to walk for 6 hours straight!

Tsim Tsa Tsui is definitely a nice place to walk around

It was excellent Indian food and I’ve been dying for some authentic hot Biryani rice and so I got the fish biryani plate – It was heaven with the flavors exploding in my mouth.

I love the big servings they give

After eating that sumptous dish that seemed to open the clouds above, I went out to look for some place to spend the place for a few drinks before we all retire for the night. I remember a few places that I took note of when i researched the area before we flew to Hong Kong and one of those places is a Jazz bar called Ned Kelly’s.

The Pub’s front

The bar’s name came from an Australian legend about this guy named Ned Kelly, and to my surprise it was only further down the street! So I quickly ran back and announced that I found a place.

Classy Pub, just like what I’m looking for

I went inside the bar and found that the party hasn’t started yet, it was only around eight in the evening when I came in, I asked around and they said that the band starts playing at around 10pm.

However, when I reached my friends, they were all slouched in the restaurant with eyes half-shut. I definitely knew that they won’t be able to stay up all night with me, but still I tried to talk them out of it but the couples were already looking to call the night. And so walked them back to the hotel to tuck them in.

To keep myself busy while waiting for the party to start at the pub, I massaged my feet while watching the only channel that aired an english-speaking show the entire night – Gordon Ramsay’s Master Chef.

Party has begun!

By the time I got inside Ned Kelly’s the fun has started, the band was playing, everyone’s singing and I don’t have a place to sit my ass down. I stood for about half an hour before someone in the front stood up and left, lucky me.

Drinking in bars and pubs around Hong Kong can really be expensive, a pint will cost you about HKD 88 – That’s about Php 500 for each pint! It’s strange though because you can buy the same brand of beers at the 7/11 stores for a quarter of the price at the bar. I guess it has something to do with Government taxes.


Because it was hell expensive to drink alcohol, I sipped through the pint for almost an hour! While listening to the jazz music, I noticed that 4 of the members were Filipinos! And so after thier set I got to talk to them and they said they love life in Hong Kong, able to perform to loving crowds, and that compared to the Philippines, they lived comfortable because of the efficient mass transportation systems, yes, they hated our rail system – well so do I.

At around one o’clock in the morning I went back to the hotel to call the night, and surprise surprise! It’s still Master Chef on TV.


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