Logging out from the City

It’s been a gruel past 3 months for me, I’ve been pursuing a graduate degree for the past 10 months now and all I could say is that it’s taken its toll on me – Physically and Mentally.

It’s partly my fault because I thought I could jumble 3 subjects while working, and then write short stories, music, and blog on the side – boy was I wrong. I was a zombie, body clock ruined, insomnia settled in, it was cruel. And by finals week, my body gave in and I was hospitalized on the most crucial week of the term. But somehow God gave a bit of strength just make it past the finish line.

And so after the finals week, I packed my bags, and got out of the city (Which I think most of my classmates also did as what I’ve seen in their Instagram accounts, pasalubong naman diyan!)

I’m a beachy, born-in-the-water guy. Lucky enough my closest friends are also the type, well because we were swimming teammates back in high school.

We somehow found this gem of a place via airbnb, it’s a new 4-room resort in Cabangan, Zambales. Luckily, there was one room left for seven tired yuppies to squeeze in, and it was the beachfront room! The room only costed us $100, what a bargain when split into seven, right?

Casa Angelina’s front

All rooms were airconditioned, everything was new as it only opened last June of 2017. And what’s better is that there’s only about 2 more resorts, so it’s a paradise for us who love seclusion from crowded beaches.

Whenever we go north, we always do our shopping and lunch at Subic, and we forgot our plates and cups but Casa Angelina’s kind enough to provide us our utensils. They also offer plated meals for $5 each, but we didn’t avail of this as we like to do our own cooking.

Being near bodies of water give me a sense of home

I’ve always loved being around water, especially beaches, it brings a sense of home to me, like I’m where I’m supposed to be. I actually wanted to study Marine Biology, thinking I could swim with dolphins, but I know I don’t have the brains for it, so I today I am a supporter of WWF’s Marine Life conservation programs, which you can check out by clicking the link below:

WWF Philippines – Oceans

Friends enjoying the waves

Waves in the Cabangan area are big for swimming, but not big enough for surfing. Its greatest attribute is that there are no crowds for miles, it’s mainly just you, the few local fishermen, and the beach. Imagine a 4-kilometer stretch all to yourself? Ain’t that nice.

Sand and Salt – Our favorite

We enjoyed every bit of the exclusivity of the beach, and by Sunday morning, our group was all that’s left at the resort, what a blessing it was to just enjoy the Sun and water of the West Philippine Sea.

The Beachy Seven

It was quick but it was the rest I needed, can’t wait for the next quickscapade, but until then, see you on my next bumpy jouney.





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