Off The Grid

It’s been a while since I’ve read a book, it’s been a while since I’ve seen the sky, felt the wind, and tasted life. Yes, I’ve been seeing the word in this 14-inch screen that emit a virtual report of the people I know who I haven’t seen for years, some for already a decade.

And this past week I’ve been clocking in my activities and realized that almost 60% of my time was glued to the screen of my laptop, now that’s a wakeup call for me. I haven’t been reading the books I’ve scheduled myself to read, I already banned myself for buying too many books and reading too little (I bought at least 30 books in 2016)

Although I know that I cannot fully detach mysef from the culprit (which is the internet, btw) I made a compromise.

I’ve deactivated my Facebook accounts but maintained an open line for the FB Messenger. I spend too much scrolling through posts and it eats up my time. I’ve decided to put all my energy to blogging and reading books. So updates about my bumpy journey will only be available here. Rants would be on Twitter.

I guess it’s time for my to go Off The Grid for a while so I can focus on my work, my blog, and my masteral classes.

So I’ll be seeing you guys here on my blog. Facebook makes me a lazy boy and I intend to bringing back my “bumpy” side of life.


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