Oh you’re so fine, hey Mickey!

After the Peak Tram misadventure we headed straight for the happy place of Disneyland. By the time we got to the Mickey Mouse train the rain was already drizzling. We expected to have a wet day at the park.

A rainy Disneyland day

But we won’t let the rain stop us from having fun, it’s Disneyland! They got raincoats and I got the umbrella and we started planning the rides we wanted to take. Back in 2006 I remember that I was just able to take 2 rides during that trip, Space Mountain and the Buzz Lightyear thing, I got so dizzy with Space Mountain that I sat the whole day. But this time I wasn’t going to let that happen, and so we rode the Space Mountain first.

Space Mountain has the Star Wars theme now

Space Mountain was awesome, especially because it has the Star Wars theme going on now, I was so excited when I heard the music, everyone started shouting. But of course, I wasn’t able to defeat Space Mountain, my head was spinning around again, I thought I was going to throw up. I thought to myself that I shouldn’t waste the day so I kept repeating “You paid for this, make it worthwhile” or in Filipino “Sayang bayad, sayang bayad, sayang bayad” to get over the dizziness.

The Buzz animatronic is still alive!
My favorite ride was The Mystic Manor

Exploring Disneyland was new to me even though it was already my second time to be here because it was the first time that I really got to walk around and see the different sections of the park. I guess I was too young to remember the parts of the park before. I had more attention to detail and sometimes I was asking technical questions about the ride, just like in Mystic Manor, I was so amazed at how the ride worked, I was like a child seeing magic for the first time again!

Bunch of Lunch!

By 1PM it was a ride for the tummy! Just a tip, if you’re booking for Disneyland, get your tickets at the website “Klook” and get the day pass with meal stub, it saves you a lot of money for food, and the meal stub allows you to choose even the most expensive one on the menu, and because I am bumpy and I love value for money, you know what I got.

Food was awesome, we literally had to take an extra 30-minute break just to let the food settle in our stomachs. I was so stuffed I wanted to take a nap by the bench outside.

Toy Story!

I think I was able to have a total of 8 rides by the end of the day, the others had 10 because they rode two more rollercoasters, I’ve had enough of it. The last ride was the most memorable for me, but for the odd reasons.

It’s a Small World

The “It’s a Small World” ride was meant to be an all-good things ride but somehow I felt creepy about the ride. So the theme is like a congregation of the children around the world singing “It’s a small world” being happy and all, but the adult in me thought that such a world would be so creepy, the ride was too happy for my life that I started thinking wildly that maybe at the end of the ride everyone gets stabbed by these mannequins.

When we got out of the ride I told my friends that the ride was too happy for my life and I just can’t have too much happiness.


We waited for the fireworks, but the parade was cancelled because of the rain, but still, the fireworks were amazing as always. After that we went to the night markets back in Tsim Tsa Tsui to eat late dinner right in the middle of the night market chaos, but that I’ll tell you about in another blog. I leave you with a slideshow of our Disneyland trip.


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