10 Things I learned in 2017

The year is nearing its finish line and many things have changed, there were a lot of new faces, a lot of reconnections with friends I haven't spent time with for a long time. And with it came a lot of realizations during this very strange phase in life

Bumpy’s Favorite Filipino Indie Films

Let me first say how happy I am at the current state of Filipino Indie Films today compared to a decade ago. Hey Indie Films are still getting a hard time getting into big screen cinemas because of the lack of revenue malls get from it, we also have to understand the business side of... Continue Reading →

Typewriter: The Update

It slipped off my mind that I promised to update you guys about the typewriter that I sent in for repair almost a year ago. I'm sorry guys, I didn't remember it until a comment came in a few weeks ago, and I only read it a few days ago, asking how the typewriter was.... Continue Reading →

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