Revisiting the Lenses

The past days of holidays – all because of the ASEAN summit held in the country opened an opportunity of a declogged Manila city, which meant that it’s my chance for a smooth-driving inside the capital.

The initial plan was just to go to Binondo and eat at my favorite noodle restaurant, but one cousin of mine showed interest in Photography, so I thought why not tag him along with me for him to get a taste of his first photowalk.

And so we had a plan that I’d pick him up at 9AM so that we arrive in Manila before 10AM, so that the sun was already up and he’d have a lot of light to practice with.

I let him lead the way so I don’t get into his shots

Seeing a 12-year-old kid brought memories of how I got interested into photography, it was during one my aunt’s visit in the Philippines where she had a camera with her and I was amazed how she took black and white photos with it. I loved how the camera sounded with each click, the mechanical precision it possessed.

My aunt’s photo of me (center) with my cousins

And from there on I loved taking photos, I remember that when one of my Godmothers gave me $20 for Christmas when I was around 12 years old, I bought a Kodak KB10, priced at $19.99 at that time. I took lots of school memories out of it.

Now back to me and my cousin’s trip to Manila I took him walking around the walls under the unforgiving heat of the Sun. I took him to churches and sidestreets where there would be interesting subjects.

Under the bridge near Escolta

After Intramuros we went to Binondo to have lunch and do some more walking. What I wanted my cousin to experience was the bustle of taking photos, the hustle of making good angles to tell a story. And I think we got that, while he took photos I told him about some rules of how to take photos without bothering the subject such a clicking the shutter when we’re merely 3 feet from the subject, which could get us in trouble if the subject was defensive.

After 5 hours of walking we caleld it a day, it was tiring, but at the same time refreshing as I got to do a photowalk again. And to end this blog, here are some of my photos.


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