Street Snaps: Hong Kong

I love to watch people go about their lives without me being involved, just watching in a distance sometimes reveals so much how a person’s day has been going so far. I used to do it a lot on my solo trips in museums, and parks in Manila. I’d seat in a corner, camera in hand, and stay there for hours, letting the world move past me.

In Hong Kong I had a few quick moments of watching people and here are some of what I took there. This concludes my Hong Kong blogs. Thanks for reading through the series.

Locals calmly line up at a bus stop in Kowloon
Friends and other tourist enjoying tasty street balls
“Business is still open!” – Workers repairing/cleaning a restaurant’s vintage sign
Nothing to sweep clean but leaves – Hong Kong is a very clean city
Peddling through
A good case of ‘Human Trafficking’
Old but Gold Love – I almost got hit by a Taxi while crossing because I was so focused in taking a video of this lovely couple, the taxi missed me by a few inches.
The bus driver looks at me through his front mirror to watch me take a snap of him.
A mother takes care of her child near the bay
A woman stands in the corner giving out promo flyers
Conditioning the mind with propaganda Doctrine
Locals watch a street artist at Kowloon Park
‘Seasoned’ players
Serious Talk by the Aviary of Kowloon Park
A woman secures her bag before walking through the long alley
A customer at Ned Kelly’s Jazz bar lights up a cigarrete on that chilly night
‘Nothing to see here’ – Total fog conquered the supposed to be 360-degree view of Hong Kong
Sunday Beauty Queens – Filipino Overseas Workers gather at the park, while a governement signage prohibits them from selling and trading.
Tourists and locals converge at the Subway
Sitting out – An elder sits at the corner, being unable to experience the rides at the Ocean Park

BONUS: I also took videos of my couple friends during our trip, and I caught some good moments of them, most were secretly taken. I chose to shoot only in 720p quality as I wanted a film feel to the video.






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