Sunday Special

Don’t you just love Sundays? A day for rest, a day to be a bum, a day of ease. But most of the time in my case, I don’t have enough tick-tocks on the clock to cycle through all my hobbies in 7 days. So Sunday is a very important day for me. I actually quit my first job because other than a career change, I didn’t want to work during Sundays because it’s the only time I get to see relatives. You see there’s a family tradition where we all get together every Sunday at home to have lunch or dinner, everyone brings food over and we all devour it. And I grew up in that environment, and I am not willing to sacrifice my Sundays for work. That was my first lesson, that’s about the time I really realized how good it was to just lay at home every Sunday and that day being a family day, and I guess it really the norm in the Philippines, Sunday is family day. And in effect I became a homebody person.

And fast forward to 2017, I’m still a homebody person, I don’t really leave the house on Sundays unless I feel the itch of suddenly going out to wander around Manila for no reason. Well basically the point is that you really have to be important to me if I go out with you on a Sunday. That’s just how I roll.

Just this Sunday, I learned that everybody in the house had somewhere else to go that day, and me, being the homebody in the family was in charge of my little brother, Mark.

You see my little brother is a special-needs kiddo. He’s 12 years old now and I really feel guilty for blogging about it for the first time, but I am open about my little brother’s condition, and we don’t really look at it as a disease or something. He’s more of a gift to our lives, it’s like having a baby in its cute stages and he doesn’t grow old. And he’s a smart kid too, he likes pranking people!

So since me and my little brother had the day to ourselves, I thought it would be just right to bring him along with my activities for the day. First agenda for me as always, church. I like going to church early in the morning, around 9AM because after that I’m free to do anything, that’s the one obligation I have every Sunday. Hey I’m not preaching, but it’s good to go to mass alone, for me I get extra points for actually wanting to go to mass other than dragging my ass in the afternoon.

After the mass we went straight to the classic barbershop where we’re living, and that shop is so iconic that I really believe that everyone who lived there has had their haircut at least once, it’s called “Leo’s Barbershop” but I really have no idea who Leo is, there’s not even a picture of that guy in the shop. By this time we’re hungry because we didn’t have breakfast. So after that we went to another iconic food place in Kapitolyo – Bahay Pancitan!

Bahay Pancitan in its new location

Bahay Pancitan is one of two food places in Kapitolyo that we originally had, the other one was Three Sisters’ Restaurant. There were only two places to go before, now Kapitolyo is a food hub, which is a good thing I guess, but I just really think it’s too much already. Bahay Pancitan is known for its, well…Pancit. Pancit Malabon / Palabok is the favorite and This place reminds me of old Kapitolyo because it really hasn’t changed for the past 20 years.

Sinigang is very tasty and good for 2-3

So for brunch, I had to get something with soup because my brother loves soup, and we had Sinigang na Bumpy, I mean Baboy, I mean whatever it’s the same thing. I was actually surprised because it had a lot of meat in it, it was at least good for 3 people already.

Bahay Pancitan’s Classic

 And the food trip won’t be complete without ordering a plate of Pancit Malabon, which also had a lot of serving, good for 2, if you’re not me. And I also ordered Tokwa’t Bumpy (Again, Baboy or Bumpy, whatever) But unfortunately I didn’t take a photo of that one. But it was tasty too!

Really cheap for the amount of serving they had

And somehow I realized that me and my brother never really got to bond a lot, and that is really sad on my part. There’s a guilt inside of me that bothers me, because you know life sometimes really gets in the way and you can’t really jumble everything together, some things just have to wait. I mean I bond with my little brother at home, but not actually having something scheduled. I guess it’s one of my flaws, but I try, I’m only human.

Don’t wait for something to happen for you to realize that Sundays are for the best people you have in your life, I’m already telling you that I made that mistake and I now I’m chasing for lost time. Sunday is is a Special day, spend it with someone who resides deep in your heart.


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