‘Bike’ to Basics

Parking space - This is the most common problem of people having cars in Manila, whether it's going to school or work, parking space is getting more expensive and more cars are on the street as the years go by but parking space development is at a slow pace. This past week, the office building... Continue Reading →

Revisiting the Lenses

The past days of holidays - all because of the ASEAN summit held in the country opened an opportunity of a declogged Manila city, which meant that it's my chance for a smooth-driving inside the capital. The initial plan was just to go to Binondo and eat at my favorite noodle restaurant, but one cousin... Continue Reading →

It’s always the root!

I know, not another National Museum post again. But yes, it's another appreciation blog for my favorite museum, but this one's a different story. A few months ago my aunt from the states came back to visit and it's always nice to have relatives from overseas to visit a few weeks, coming back to their... Continue Reading →

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