Temple Street Night Market

The Temple Street Night Market was one of the places I wanted to visit in Hong Kong, and it was a few stations away from where we were staying. The first night we went there we didn’t buy anything, we just checked out the place and as expected, it was teeming with night life.

Reloading our Octopus cards

Imagine you’re in Divisoria in Manila, only that it was much cleaner, more planned, and colder. During our second night the whole group decided to have dinner there for some real adventure on food.

The place is popular to backpackers

The highlight of the sreet market is the stalls that ply the street at least a hundred meters, or more. It sells clothes, board sets, paintings, gadgets, even awesome cartoon character USBs. I have a lot of pictures from the street market but somehow it’s lost in my files I can’t find any.

Photo borrowed from Traveler’s Digest

I bought two things that really caught my eye and I think are quite the novelty items to have. I bought a buddha painting that I haven’t framed up, and a small chess set that with the traditional dynasty warriors as characters.

Tired and Hungry
Everything was delicious

We had Shrimps, Beef and Chicken, the chicken was exceptional, really awesome. We also had this light-tasting beer called Yanying which was perfect to down the food.


Overall it’s a must to visit the night markets at Hong Kong to be able to see the local scene and as well taste some authentic food.


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