The Woman With A Mighty Pen

It was a hot morning in 2011 I remember, I was an OJT Trainee with the local newspaper The Philippine Star for the summer and I was assigned to cover a story about child labour in Gold Mining. I was young, excited, but very shy whenever I cover something. I did not have the confidence that a Journalist should have (that’s probably why I’m here blogging instead of writing news).

Being a young student surrounded by media practitioners is a humbling experience. You get to see how they move, how they are connected to each other, the rugged pants and dirty shoes. The clamping sounds of camera tripods, the perspiration of men that smells damp with the sun, I took in all of it, I imagined myself with it, doing it.

But in all of the masculinity in the room, my world went silent as she walked gracefully into the room, like a Belle walking toward a group of Gastons on a mission to hush them. She led her team, quick with her instructions and her team followed without questions. It was one of my favorite Journalist who made award-winning documentaries, it was Kara David.

She greeted fellow journalists – smiling and waving, she was the most popular journalist in the room. She sat at the last row, adjacent to mine, about 10 feet away. I watched her, astonished, I observed how she worked, what notes she took down during the forum, she listened attentively, I clearly did not, she took down notes and asked questions, I wondered about the tattoo she had on her ankle.

What makes me love Kara David is the way she writes her stories in her documentaries. Some may dismiss me and say some have ‘deeper’ stories than her, but that’s not my point. What I admire about her is the ability of her words to clutch into your emotions and feel it while she tells you about it, and that is what great writers do, they make you feel the emotion. Kara David has a long list of Local and International awards for her documentaries, including the UNICEF Child Rights Award for the documentary “Selda Inosente”.

Here are my favorite Kara David documentaries I want to share to all of you, these are in no particular order.

  1. Paraisong Salat


2.  Titser Annie


3. Walang Maiiwan


4. Ang Lihim ng Lumang Tulay


5. Kawayang Pangarap


6. Ang Tunay na Mabangis


7. Daang Bakal


8. Selda Inosente


9. Daang Ilog


10.  Alkansya


There are more documentaries by Kara David and most of it are available on YouTube if you search for it. How about you? What are your favorite documentaries? Share thelink on the comments section.


Note: Featured Images and Videos of Kara David: credit to GMA News and Current Affairs

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